What Is The Fine For Illegal Fireworks In Minnesota?

2023-04-20 07:03:57 By : Ms. SHENZHEN CAIHUI TRADING

Is your family the one that will cross the border to get bigger and better fireworks for your backyard or lake home fireworks displays, regardless of buying certain fireworks that are deemed illegal in Minnesota? Do you pay any attention to the laws in Minnesota that are in place regarding illegal fireworks? Are you worried about your local law enforcement personnel enforcing the laws regarding illegal fireworks?

If you are wondering what Minnesota deems to be 'okay' regarding fireworks; just remember this. If the firework emits a spark, you can use it. If the fireworks explode or launch into the sky, they are illegal in the state of Minnesota. But because Wisconsin is just across the river and has different laws regarding fireworks, many Minnesotans take matters into their own hands and get the big, explosive, and launchable fireworks that make for fantastic displays, regardless of Minnesota laws. Ombre Birthday Candles

What Is The Fine For Illegal Fireworks In Minnesota?

First of all, using ANY fireworks on public property is against the law, so if you want to buy sparklers or any other legal Minnesota fireworks, you still have to use them on your private property.

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, sparklers can be wire or wood and have to contain less than 100 grams of mixture per sparkler, so as long as you are buying your sparklers in Minnesota, they will probably be legal to use.

Here is a list of some common illegal fireworks:

A list of legal fireworks would include:

Custom Birthday Cake Candles The fine for getting caught using illegal fireworks is $1000 and a Misdemeanor. I am not sure if it's worth it.  How important is a great fireworks display to you?